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At Changes We Understand Addiction.

Addiction can be a vicious circle and can spiral into a lonely and alienating time. The root of an addiction varies from person to person, but the journey towards a better path is possible when you have support around you.

At Changes we know and understand addiction and are here to help you take the first step on the road to recovery. Addiction is a battle you can’t fight on your own and at Changes, you’ll never have to. Here, you can count on having a support team at your service at all times.

At Changes, we’ll work with you to replace your addiction with passion, and we’ll love you back to life. We’re excited about giving you the gift of recovery and guiding you on your journey every step of the way.

Our highly individualized approach to addiction treatment includes over 70 different group topics, using things like arts and crafts, photography, film, music, yoga/meditation, and other creative acts to help people discover, or rediscover, their passion.

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Located in picturesque Fulton Kentucky, Changes is a short drive from major cities such as Nashville, Memphis, and St. Louis, but our serene facility is far enough away where you can focus on becoming whole again.

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