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At our Center for Healing we offer comprehensive, individually tailored treatments that will help us love you back to life. Our services include the following

Inpatient Treatment

Your personal history and circumstances make your addiction unique to you. This service is tailored for you and your addiction and focuses on educating you and making you strong enough - in mind and body - to be well. We will be with you every step of the way, motivating you and helping you to see that you are never alone in this tough journey.

Rehabilitation Groups

The success of an addict’s treatment requires the support of an entire community. At Changes Rehabilitation LLC, we understand the heartache and pains of addiction and the strength that can be gained from successful treatment. Take advantage of this service to help in your healing process and get in touch for more information.


We have a four-year aftercare program provided to assist you in the journey forward, made possible by our unique approach to free post-stay remote support services. Stay in touch with our staff who assisted with your inpatient journey after graduating.

Real People, Real Change

Changes Rehabilitation isn't like any other rehab I've ever been to. At changes they genuinely care about the clients. All staff is also in recovery their self which makes the the learning experience better, because they can each relate to the clients one way or another. They do not judge. Also the make the program fit to each individual on their own personal needs.They not only teach you about recovery but also allow the staff to take the clients fishing, do arts and crafts, exercise in the gym, watch movies in the theater room, do yoga, play pool, and also have a music room with is equip with a karaoke machine, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and a electric keyboard. I have graduated this program and I have been sober since 03-22-21 and I have become very successful. I give all thanks God and the staff at Changes.


Changes rehablitation treats you like family from the moment you walk in the door till the moment you leave. I could not have asked to have went to a better place. THANK YOU CHANGES.


Changes is the best rehab I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. The staff is loving and professional. They offer a full schedule of different classes, one-on-one therapy, peer support specialist, have a gym, yoga studio, musical instruments. Each client has a treatment plan that is tailored to meet individual specific needs. Treatment staff is a group of kind, caring individuals. They have 24 hour security, as safety and privacy are of great importance. I would highly recommend Changes for yourself or a loved one who is seeking help.

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